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Hilda's Happenings

Blog Post February 18, 2015

Greetings from Aspengrove

It sure looks like spring has sprung up here. This is unheard of at Aspengrove for February. The field is half bare even with the huge snowfall we had in January. The paddocks are still buried as they don’t get a lot of sun this time of year but it is starting to melt as well. The shade is good in the summer but it sure keeps the snow in the winter and spring. The paddocks are a busy place. Rita and Snip are in. We would like to put Rita in the field for the winter but she is unhappy out there, she is a little intimidated with all the horses. Sherman, Roscoe, Caroline and Smokey are on the special grain and hay cube program so also must be kept from the pasture with all the others. Aria, Annie and our new horse Kat are in the pony field eating non-stop out of a hay feeder. Those thoroughbreds can be hard keepers actually eating twice as much as the rest. I will have to remember to charge more for boarding thoroughbreds. Diane is still here taking care of and pampering all the horses. We are blessed to have her here.

Danielle has had her baby. A little boy named Mason. They are both doing well and when she comes up to see her horse I get the chance to babysit a little or she takes him in the knapsack into the field. We hope to have her back teaching again this year.

The registrations for this year are steadily coming in and there are a few weeks that are almost full, so if you require a certain week, we recommend you register soon.

We are again looking for well-schooled horses to lease for the summer camps and always have customers looking to buy reasonably priced school horses. We would like to get the horses at least a month in advance so we can school and condition them to get them ready for the camps. Please keep us in mind if you have of know of any horses that might be available.

My daughter, Alisha, has started to expand the Aspengrove business and is starting Aspengrove Country Resorts. This will run year round except the month of July as camps will continue as always. We are currently working on the website and hope to have it up in the next month. She is looking to rent out the facility and cabins on a per night or per weekend basis. We can host weddings, reunions, snowmobile/motorbike groups, birthday parties, bed and breakfast. We have already hosted a number of successful family reunions and getaways. We are taking the bunk beds out of a couple of cabins and putting in a queen bed and furniture. Think of staying up at Aspengrove if you are ever in the area. Much more peaceful and serene than a hotel in town.

Angie has taken a few clinics this winter from Lindy Townley. She had learned some new things and exercises that she is excited to pass on to her students. You never stop learning. She is excited with spring possibly coming so early this year to possibly start riding within the month.

I got my knee surgery at the end of October. Although I am not yet as flexible as normal, I am able to walk again and should be in tip top shape in no time at all. Now I wonder why I resisted this surgery for so long. After a long 9 months of unable to walk, I feel like a new person and am enjoying this property again.

Alisha’s dog, who you all know, Ellie, was run over and had to have 2 surgeries. It is amazing that a dog that is so tiny could survive this, but she is on the mend and hopefully will make a total recovery.

Another sign of spring is my cats a bringing me gift every day. Every morning when I come downstairs there are either whole rodents or partial remains in the house. Oh, the joys of country living.

I would like to take this time to once again thank everyone who has helped make this business successful. My family, Meagan, Alisha, Angie, Terry, Diane, who is like family, all the wwoofers and helpex workers and the summer camp staff. A special thanks to Clo, Helena, Sara, Fredi, Manuela, Mats, Dominik, Brad, Lisa, Jozet and Bart and all the others who greatly helped us out. It is always sad to see them go but we retain the memories and you never know, maybe we might be able to visit them sometime.

We are moving forward at Aspengrove and look forward to seeing our friends, staff and clients again this year.

~ Hilda