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Buying your Child a Horse

Horsey Kids...First of all I would like to say that horsey kids are absolutely wonderful. Horses are great childhood companions and a lot of children are naturally attracted to them, which makes horses a desirable alternative to TV-watching, Internet-surfing, or just “hanging out.” Horseback riding puts children in touch with nature, and is something you can enjoy alone or in a group. Handling, riding, and caring for a horse or pony can develop a host of positive traits in a child, including responsibility, accountability, patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness, and self-discipline.

Also, as we are now a society where a lot of children do not get enough physical activity causing childhood obesity, contributing to various health problems, including diabetes, we should look at riding horses as a perfect solution. Riding develops muscles, balance and burns calories.

First Time Buyers Mistake

When choosing a horse or pony, please do not get talked into buying young inexperienced horses for inexperienced riders. This, I have found, to be the most common mistake first-time buyers make. This never works. Your primary consideration must be your child’s safety and for that reason “senior citizen” status is a virtue. As it says in the Pony Club manual, “The less experienced the rider the more experienced the pony or horse should be.” When trying young horses out, they sometimes seem like they might work for your child. That is only because they have been worked by an experienced trainer. Once you purchase that horse and it gets ridden by an inexperienced rider the personality of the horse changes. Horses are very smart and will have the rider figured out within a couple of weeks. The younger inexperienced horse needs to be given consistent riding for many years by someone experienced enough to be consistent. In the hands of a novice rider, he will regress and when he does, the horse will become problematic and unsafe. Your child’s safety will almost always be jeopardized, as well as the opportunity to have fun riding a horse. Instead the child always has a challenge and worry, instead of learning how to ride with the help of an experienced, well-schooled horse.

Safe Horses

All Aspengrove’s horses are well trained and very safe and used to having children ride them. Most of them are older and have been with us for many years. We do not keep horses that would potentially be dangerous or unsafe.

Wishing all of you the best with your horse ventures.